Green & Flora is an online boutique inspired by slow and intentional living. We offer high quality, ethically made products (Apparel & Homeware) for Mamas and their children.

The intention is to make it easier for mothers to connect purposefully to the moments that could easily pass them by at this busy stage of life. We curate & source premium, local (and global) items so Mothers can spend their time enjoying the products -  instead of searching for them.

meet lucy, the mom behind the brand

As a mother of two, I know (too well) how fleeting this season with our small children at home is. The days are long, but the years are short. So, I want to prioritize our time together, focusing on making memories that I can look back on when these days are passed.

On this journey, I slowly realized that besides our conversations and laughter, the things that we use everyday and surround ourselves with also hold a piece of our memories. The dress that I wear when baking with them, their favorite t-shirt to wear on pizza Thursday, the blankets we make forts with, and so much more. I found these things were actually a part of our story, and I started to seek quality products that would last and could grow with us.


This inspired me to start Green & Flora.

Now, from our home in Burlington Canada - I am sharing my findings with you. I will ship all across the world so that Mothers everywhere can slow down, enjoy and embrace the mundane with their little ones. Just like I do.